I'm the Soulful People Ops/HR Partner who believes you can scale your brand without losing your soul in the process

Hey There - I'm Dominique

where to start. 


You’re ready to hire your 1st (or 20th!) team member and scale a lean yet mighty team. You have a big vision for your business to create a more potent impact on this planet. But when you Google “how to hire employees legally?” you’re met with corporate legal jargon and a whirlwind of labor laws that are almost purposefully confusing to understand. None of what you see about hiring + scaling seem to match the heart and soul behind your sacred business. Sound familiar?

I’m Dominique, a soulful People Ops/HR consultant and coach who helps founders, entrepreneurs + CEO’s scale their brands without losing their soul in the process.

You're in the right place

You want to hire a team....but you don't know 

We’re here for the sacred entrepreneurs who know they are stewards of a sacred business that’s meant to leave a potent, positive impact on this planet. Whether this is done through their products, their services or offerings, these revolutionary leaders know they are here to do business (and life!) differently. And we want you to operate in this flow + total abundance.

Well, sort of.

What we really want is to help you become a more conscious leader so you can co-create a sacred life, lead your team with integrity + scale with purpose.

When conscious leaders steward their sacred brands well, this creates a whole new level of abundance to activate and it flows throughout the entire collective.

What exactly does that mean? 

scale                                          in the process

without losing your soul

creating from a place of integrity will always bring about abundance

live with purpose

Just how do we do this?

We work with revolutionary entrepreneurs, founders + CEO’s to create sacred People Ops/HR tools + strategies that speak to the mission, vision + values of their growing brand, while also ensuring the needed legal requirements they have as a small business are buttoned up tight.

Our conscious coaching + HR support is the bridge that anchors a Sacred Business with the realities of our 3D existence so these brands can truly scale with purpose.

Sure, on paper Return to Eden Consulting is a People Ops/HR consulting firm. But really, we’re here to partner with you to usher in a more sacred, purposeful way of living in all areas of life.

We're here to help all of us Return to Eden

And you had Sacred Leadership skills that made you a leader your team was grateful to work for?

And you became the type of leader who is respected and naturally nurtures the gifts of the people on their team?

And your People Ops/HR strategy proactively protects your brand from legal situations, all while increasing your revenue year over year?

What would you do if scaling your brand + hiring your aligned team was easy?

I know what it takes to build a business from scratch and the unique HR + People challenges facing innovative entrepreneurs. I partner with conscious, self-aware leaders to create frameworks that allow the pursuit of the greatest good for your brand and your team, so you can leave the greatest positive impact on the collective.

I've taken my over 15 years of HR experience scaling brands + teams, including as the Head of HR for tech start-ups, and coupled this tactical knowledge with my experiential spiritual wisdom in order to uniquely coach founders + entrepreneurs who desire to consciously scale their sacred business.

I've studied under many teachers + philosophies - including conscious leadership, Hermetic Astrology (Libra Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Pisces Rising, Venus in Scorpio over here!) ceremonial breathwork, Christian mysticism, neural manifestation, inner child exploration, shadow work, and mindset coaching to name a few. As a Team Scaling Business Coach, I am here to share the tools which continue to help me build greater mastery in self-awareness, heal from scarcity mindset, create a sacred + abundant business, strengthen my relationships, and live a more joyful and sacred life.

if you feel the call to do business differently, BRING your visions TO LIFE.

not about

small talk,
societal norms,
putting others down,
bad coffee,
that hustle grind


sacred living,
climbing  trees, 
meals with loved ones, awakening your highest purpose

all about




I get so lit up by partnering with conscious, self-aware entrepreneurs who are ready to usher in this new paradigm as they grow a purposeful, sacred business. If that speaks to you, let's chat!

In all our offerings we create the magical synergy of a structurally sound container to nourishingly surround your brand, so the flow and creativity of your essence & your team can focus on creating life-giving abundance through your conscious business.

LET'S co-create together!

The Gene Keys

"                                       is
really a series of


— Richard rudd, THE 64 WAYS


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